Who does not adore pizza?  Something is refreshing about going crazy over a perfect cookie when an effervescent coating of cheese and tomatoes are blended and rightly used.   But eating a yummy pizza does not require a living room or a pizza hut, because it is too easy.  You just need a small quantity of the ingredients, a companion of three hungry people and a PIZZA STONE!

pizza stone  Let us see what a pizza stone is.  Simply worded, it is a chunk of solid rock that aids as a grill safe cooking surface and oven.  But its benefits are much more than just that!

 A pizza stone is highly valued since it acts as the lower portion of a blazing oven, by spreading the heat uniformly and by drawing the moisture in the dough.  The result is the crisp, effervescent and smoky crust that we come across in bakeries.

There are various kinds of pizza stone types.

In a few stones, you cannot use soap whereas in some you may.

The sizes in which the pizza stone comes are various.   Some are individual sized, and there is also circular type for bigger ones.  Some pizza stone types need seasoning like in the case of iron pans. Some have paint coating.  The choice is yours. Seasoning can be done using vegetable oil.  For preserving the seal, you must wash the stone when it is still hot by with hot water and a brush.   Soap will release the seal and you will have to season it again.

A peel would simplify your task.  Pizza peels are created to move pizza smoothly on and off the stone.  They complement each other excellently.

Bake make, or grill make!

 When you want to make pizzas, the first thing that you must decide is whether you want to bake your pizza or grill it.  Gas or charcoal can be used.  Grilling will transmit the brownout.

If you are baking, you must put the pizza stone on the bottom most rack of a chilly oven and then preheat it for a minimum of one hour.  Heating of the pizza stone well enough before baking enhances that tasty raw-burnt char.

 pizza stoneThe next step is to spread cornmeal on the peel to avoid getting the pizza stuck to the pizza stone.  Then you must slide the twisted dough to the peel when toppings must be added.  Now, you must transfer the pizza to the stone and bake for roughly about 6 minutes.

 When all these steps are carefully and diligently taken, your pizza will be deliciously ready

After cutting into pieces with a pizza cutter, what else………….It is feasting time!